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Gringa Makes a Wedding Cake……Again.

Hey guys!

So I haven’t posted anything on a Tuesday in a while now so it’s sort of a nice change. I wanted to just do a short little bonus post this week so I could share the pictures I promised you of the wedding cake I made this past weekend. I had a lot of fun making it and I feel like I gained so much experience for next time. I would do so many things differently for next time, but overall I was pretty happy with how this cake turned out.

When I was talking and planning with my friend, Maria José, about what she wanted for her cake I was really excited that her and her fiance liked the idea of a double-sided cake. They both had personal touches that they requested for their sides. For him it was Playstation, Colo-Colo (which is a Chilean football club based in Macul, Santiago), World Wrestling Federation, and The Walking Dead. Her things were, music, books, flowers and trees, but most of all he just wanted a very classic and feminine cake. I really loved the challenge of putting it all together into a cake form.

I had to take the cake in pieces and assemble it there because there was no way we were going to try to get it down from the steep hill where we live. No way. It would have been a catastrophe for sure. Assembly was kind of nerve-wracking and it was probably funny to watch me try to quickly add all the finishing touches, the icing trim, the topper, and the fresh flowers, all while trying to stay calm and not freak out. I’m happy to report that I managed somehow to stay cool.

The reception was absolutely gorgeous though. It was held at a hotel in Puerto Montt and the staff and the layout were fantastic, I was impressed I must say, and I honestly felt a little under-dressed for the event, but I was too preoccupied getting the cake there in one piece to think about my appearance. The four course meal was both delicious and elegant.

Then there were so many activities for the night, including a photo booth, games,  and then some dancing. In fact, I was even asked to dance with the bride’s father and I’m not going to lie………#SoEmbarrassing. It was such a fun and different experience. I must admit that I’m still trying to get used to some things about Latin culture, and one of the main ones is their lateness. I’m a major morning person so staying up all hours is not really my thing and, wow, does this culture like to party late. The wedding party lasted a long time and dinner was served around 11pm. After being there for many hours we left around 1am before it was over and before the cake had been served, but afterwards I heard that they didn’t cut it for serving until around 2am! It may take me a while before I get used to this type of thing.

Anyway, I hope you guys liked these pics and if you want me to write more posts like this about my life I’d love to know. I usually feel like it would be too boring so I don’t do them enough, but I’d like to try sharing more about my the other things in my life with you guys. Let me know what you think in the comments! [P.S. This last picture cracks me up ’cause the photographer in the background looks so worried ?]



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