Montana Travels: Glacier National Park – Part 1

Hey guys! I’m going to attempt to share some of the photos from my trip with my sister to Glacier National Park in Montana

Our first day was spent mostly in the car of course. Oh, and did I mention this is the first road trip I’ve ever done on my own? It was such an adventure. The trip is about 4 and a half hours both ways and goes through some of the most beautiful parts of the country (in my opinion).

We stayed in the sweetest little cabin with more than enough space for the two of us. It had a firepit, a grill, a bunk bed and double bed, a porch swing, and even a fridge. It had air conditioning too, but we never needed to use it because we were away during the hotter parts of the day.

Each evening when we’d get back from exploring we would build a fire and sit around it to cook our food and enjoy the flames. I think that’s one of my favorite things about living here in the North West is that the weather is dry and cools off in the evenings. So different from where I grew up in the South. The humidity there seems to hold the heat with unbending willpower so that there’s never a break from it, even in the Summer evenings.

We ate lots of soups and I brought oatmeal and some tea. I’ll be sharing a little of that in my video soon.

For breakfast I mostly ate lots and lots of fruit because I made sure to bring plenty. I find myself craving so much fruit through these hot days.




So the first day of being there at the park we decided to go white water rafting. Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos because we weren’t able to take cameras obviously. However, I did take a GoPro and I got some video that I’ll be sharing in my video as well. The sad/funny thing was that I recorded the first hour of our trip down the river and then the GoPro died right before we got to the really thrilling stuff. 🙁 But don’t worry, it’ll still be some cool footage I hope.

After our rafting adventure, we went for a beautiful hike through the forest on a path called Trail of the Cedars. I’d love to tell you that we saw a bear or something, but we didn’t. It was just a really magical little path with some amazing looking trees, plants, creeks, and boulders.

I’ll be looking forward to sharing more pictures very soon because I have so many. Oh, and stay tuned for the next part because it includes what I’d say is the most incredible views I’ve EVER seen.

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