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Montana Travels: Glacier National Park – Part 2

Hello again! I’m home again and now it’s time for me to share part 2 of this adventure.

So I’ll definitely have to say this was the most exciting day of our trip because we ended up on the road called “Going To The Sun Road” and that was sort of on accident. Let me explain. When we got into the park on the first day I went into the information center to get recommendations for what we should see. I talked to a very nice older gentlemen who told me the route he’d take so we headed there to find some hiking trails.




That’s when we started noticing the reason for this road’s name. Holy crap my friends, this road is SOOOOOOOOO hi up and it just keeps climbing. not to mention that it’s super narrow and tight. Plus, since we were there in the Summer it was really crowded so the amount of cars was crazy.

My sister and I took turns driving it so that we could both take pictures (and share the terror/excitement). We got to a point at which we were literally looking down at glaciers and this was a hot day.

I can’t say I’ve ever seen more spectacular sights in my life than some of these spots we were at. I’d say anyone who’s up for the adventure needs to see this in their lifetime because it’s stunning.

Once we started descending to the opposite side we got to St. Mary’s Lake and went on this gorgeous hike. Most of the hike took us through some open forest area that had been part of a forest fire years before.

The trail led us to the most magical little cove with a waterfall and creek. There were flowers and love birds everywhere and I just wanted to stay there all day long.

We also saw a sweet little doe that was oblivious to how many people were taking pictures of her, lol.

After that we headed back over the scary but beautiful road to get back to our cabin for dinner. We just really loved our evenings around the fire and enjoyed just hanging out.

Anyway, I can’t wait to share more later. I hope you’re enjoying these posts!

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