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My 6 Favorite Things About Fall + Autumn Sister Photoshoot

Happy Friday, my lovely friends!

How has your season been going? I must say I’m loving every moment of it. Seriously, there’s just something about this season that puts me on top of the world and gets me inspired. This year is extra special for me because it’s the first Autumn in 4 years that’s been during matched up with the Holidays (You know, because I’ve been living in South America)

So recently one of my inspirations has been to improve my photography skills outside of food and I figured what better way to do that than to take some photos. That’s when I went and grabbed my camera, recruited my little sister, gathered some props, and we went out for a fun day of shooting photos. I brought hot cocoa and sweets and we just snapped away like crazy and had a great time.

I thought I’d share the pictures along with some of my favorite things about this time of year!

1.  The Colors!

I guess this one’s an obvious one but I just adore all the shades that pop out in the trees as they slowly prepare for the coming of Winter. I grew up near Nashville Tennessee and I have to be quite honest and say there aren’t many things I miss about the climate but I do miss the Fall season. That’s most definitely where I fell in love with Autumn in the first place as a young girl. I think the fact that the Summers were so long, hot, and miserably humid, is what made the coming of Autumn feel like such a welcome reprieve from it. On the hottest days of Summer we’d sit around the pool dreaming of when we’d finally be able to see our breath in the crisp fall air.

2. Nostalgia: How it Marks the Beginning of the Holiday Season!

I don’t know if you guys know this about me but I’m such a goner for nostalgia of any kind. You can melt my heart with a favorite childhood song and I pretty much turn into an overgrown preschooler when it comes to the Winter holidays. I love everything about the season. Every year I look forward to October finally arriving so that the countdown to the Holidays can begin.

3. The Smells!

Am I the only one who thinks they can literally smell the difference of seasons in the air? Every year my dad will inevitably start opening windows at the first let up in heat and there is a specific smell that the house gets that just instantly puts me in a good mood. Maybe it’s the scent of dying leaves of something but I love it. Then of course there are the smells that go with all the seasonal baking and spices. Which brings me to my next one……

4.  Flavors!

Oh, I know pumpkin spice and everything nice isn’t everyone’s thing. (Haha, in fact I passed a woman in Costco yesterday who was having a tirade over the phone with someone about how everything in the @#$& store was pumpkin flavored and she “hates punkin!”) Hey, that’s okay if you don’t like it, even the very sister of mine in these photos is not a fan of cinnamon or spice and I get it. However, for those of us who do love them they can make the season so much more memorable and cozy! We got these spiced candles that I simply wish I could eat every time we light them, MMMMmmmm!

5. Everything Cozy!

You all know that I got back to the States from living in Chile for 4 years with only Summer clothes so I’ve had way too much fun choosing some new warm clothes for the coming cold weather. Warm weather clothes (sweaters, hoodies, boots, jackets, fluffy socks, thick scarves…….) are probably my favorite things to wear and I have to hold back because I feel like I could never have enough of them.

6. The Reminder to Take a Step Back and Start Fresh

I don’t know if it’s the beginning of the school season or just a personal thing for me, but this time of year is probably the time when I most feel inspired to get organized and start making plans. It must be the excitement meeting with the change of season that is so motivating to just get ready and get things straightened out. The cold weather is also a good smack in the face to chill-out literally and figuratively. Knowing that the year is coming to an end and the Holidays are coming always helps me see the need to step back and get some perspective in all the rush of life. We could probably all use a few extra moments of slowing down to take in the important things and enjoy the simple pleasures life has to offer.

What are you’re favorite things about Fall? I can’t wait to hear and I wish you all the best weekends!



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