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And yet again I find myself feeling like I’d love to be a city dweller, like a lot. This past week I was in Santiago with my family and I just forgot how much I enjoy spending time there.


Pictured above are some of the mismatched moments from my trip. Row 1: #1: The hotel we stayed in. #2: Me and my big “little” brother. #3: a delicious array of pastries. #4: Me and my sis Lela. Row 2: #1 A breakfast shot #2: Cityscape on a rare clear day in the city #3: Us at the 4DX theater to see the Kong movie (P.S. I thought it was pretty good. #4: Some sights on the way to the city. Row 3: #1: Me and my sis Jenya. #2: My favorite place that we ate at in the malls, yum! #3: Parque Arauco Mall #4: Attempting not to die of road trip boredom. Row 4: #1 The only place I know of to get Starbucks in this country is Santiago (what a cruel world!) #2: Outside of the Hoyts Cinema #3: Sushi Take-out from this great little place adjacent to our hotel. #4: Some crazy gringos in the mall. Row 5: #1:Parque Arauco Mall at night. #2: Can’t wait to see Lego Batman! #3: We’re walking, we’re wlaking. #4:Another cityscape.


The people in Santiago are so friendly, and it’s pretty surprising, the diversity in ethnicities and cultures you find there.  I mean, we saw people from all over the world in just a few days. I’m not gonna lie, we also spent a huge amount of time in the malls because that’s one of the main reasons so many people gravitate to Santiago. Anyone who lives here or has spent a lot of time here will tell you, you just can’t find certain things anywhere else. So we visit the city. I know, what a huge sacrifice right?

It was such a great trip and I got some quality time with my sisters, my camera, and even a little alone time. Like I said, I sometimes feel like the city life would be ideal for me…..and then I start calculating the hours spent in traffic and I understand why so many find it such hard dilemma.

Oh and I simply had to take a picture of this genius idea! It’s a salad/trail mix vending machine. Like, YES PLEASE!


  • Hannah Elizabeth

    Thanks for sharing a bit of your vacay with us, Tori!! I thoroughly enjoyed looking through all the pics and seeing some of your family as well. ?

    • Tori

      I’m so glad to hear that and I really enjoyed sharing. I’m planning to be a little more personal on my blog here in the future.

  • Teri Giese

    You and your family are WAY too adorable!Love the photos!Must add,you are such a well seasoned and talented cook/chef/pastry chef/photographer/blogger!Yet ,I did not realize how young you are!I could be your NANA!Have a great time hub!!?

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