Semi-Silent Sundays: Ryder’s First Birthday Minion Party

So it’s been a while (okay, more like forever) since my last Semi-Silent Sunday post. I really like these posts because there’s something extra fun about doing minimal work on words and writing but still getting to share lots of pictures. I’m thinking of bringing them back for that reason.

I know I said minimal words but I should at least mention that these pictures are from my favorite (and only) nephew Ryder’s first birthday. It was on Tuesday and we threw him a little family minion party. Liv and I did it together, like an all-star team up, only mommy and auntie style. She made the cake, a chocolate chip cookie dough filled chocolate chip cake, and I made the frosting and did the decorating so it worked well. Ryder was so excited when he saw the minions, it was adorable. We also made him a little banana smash cake that we let him destroy and get all over himself. You know, because that’s the best part of turning one.

I don’t have a recipe for the cake, although it’s probably something I should try to post sometime because it was amazing, but I did use a recipe that’s already on the blog for the marshmallow fondant that I love using. It has the best texture for molding and shaping and it’s lighter than fondant so that’s helpful when you decide to do something crazy, I don’t know…..like stacking three minions on top of each other. Yeah, that was more of a challenge than I thought but I’m a determined women. Okay, and I think that’s it, just wanted to share. Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day too! I almost forgot that it’s today. Luckily minion cakes and adorable nephews make a wonderful distraction for me but hopefully you all have fun plans!

Ryder's First Birthday Minion Party (7)Ryder's First Birthday Minion Party (3)Ryder's First Birthday Minion Party (6) Ryder's First Birthday Minion Party (4)Ryder's First Birthday Minion Party (9) Ryder's First Birthday Minion Party (5)Ryder's First Birthday Minion PartyRyder's First Birthday Minion Party (8)


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