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Snapshot Sundays + Saying Goodbye to January

And just like that January is quickly coming to its end and February is coming up.

So far this year has already had its ups and downs.ย On the up side of things I’ve been loving being back in the States and living near so much convenience. I’ve been driving more than ever and, as a food blogger, to have so many options for grocery shopping and prop shopping is really nice, I have to admit.

Although, doing so much more grocery shopping and adulting has been a bit hilarious because I’m like “Dude, groceries are freaking expensive!” I also did some skiing, I’m getting better at yoga, the gym is basically becoming my second home, I set up a much better photography studio situation, and I’ve been really getting back into recipe creating so I’m excited about the rest of the year.

On the down side the flu season taking over our house first thing after Christmas sucked big time and then with a close family member being very unwell at the moment, I guess overall January could have been better. With that going on I’ve had a lot more opportunities to cook for our house because we’ve had my cousins and some other friends staying with us so lots of people to share food with, which I love!

I hope your year is off to a great start. What’s your favorite thing that happened in January?

No recipe today, just snaps because sometimes all we wanna do is look at yummy food, right?


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