The Most Random First Vlog Ever + An Unboxing


I’ve finally jumped into the world of vlogging (or should I say “attempted” to jump in.) As said in the title, it’s a very random vlog but it’s a first and I think that gives me a little slack. In the video I share about my weekend of biking and kayaking with my sister Lela. Then near the end I’ve done an unboxing of the beautiful Mene gold pendant that I recieved.


  • Kay COOPER

    Tori, I thought you did a great job for this being your first time. YOU HAVE SO MANY TALENTS! AND YOU ARE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL YOUNG WOMAN!
    I love you,, KayKay

  • Kay COOPER

    Great! Did you get to go to a Broadway show while you were in NYC? Did you ride the subway? Is Central Park as nice as they make it sound.

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