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Thoughts on Time + Holiday Anxiety (Collab with Jord Wood Watches)

“Time is very slow for those who wait, very fast for those who are scared, very long for those who lament, very short for those who celebrate, but for those who love time is eternal”  -William Shakespeare


Hey again, my friends! Is it already this time of year? Ever since I can remember my dad has had a saying about October. He says, “Once it hits October the year’s over.” and every year I’m reminded of the truth in this statement. Everything seems to go by in such a flash this time of year and with the holidays approaching, time itself somehow seems different, doesn’t it?

Sometimes I feel completely amazed at the concept of time, especially when looking at the past few years of blogging. It’s something intangible, yet this thing that we can’t see or touch holds so much power over our lives. I recently shared a bit of personal thoughts about struggling for control in my life in all the wrong ways. Firstly, I have to thank you for your amazing response. I’m so grateful to have such amazing readers.

Secondly, I’ve been musing over feelings I’ve had about this year’s holiday season and as much as would like to deny it, I can’t help admitting that I still find myself feeling a bit anxious about it. Although, it’s nothing in comparison to past years, a season that revolves around gatherings and large meals still makes me uneasy. I can’t help thinking back to the earliest memories I have of holidays spent carelessly enjoying the simple things and basking in the pure wonder and magic of those moments. I then ask myself if it’s wrong to be wishing I could capture that emotion and recreate it.

When your a child those feelings are effortless, you’re not distracted by the rush of life or worried about petty things and I feel as if I lost something so special in forgetting this. I didn’t use to care what people thought of me or hesitate in sharing or just being myself. Instead I’ve found myself living the past few years in a blur and I look back and see this conglomerate of frozen time when I was so focused on fruitless goals and worries about the future that I forgot how to live in the moment.

That’s why this year I’m learning to step back and live in the now while embracing the changes that come with time. I’m also learning that accepting yourself as you are is so so important and it’s actually okay to care for yourself first sometimes and focus on what makes you happy. Otherwise, how can you expect to share joy and love with others? In the past this idea never registered with me because I always felt it would be selfish or that it was more important to please others than to be yourself, but that’s so untrue. In fact, a huge part of giving is sharing yourself with others because you are a priceless gift and we all have a story to tell that is worth being shared.

You guys, time is so precious and I don’t want to spend one more second of it not being genuine and open at every opportunity. I’ve heard it said recently that “time won’t respect you if you don’t respect it” and it’s so true. It may be an abstract thing, but this moment you’re living right now is the only chance you have to live it so what do you say we make it the best by being in it?

I’m approaching this coming season of giving and receiving with an excitement I haven’t had in so long and I wanted to share something else that’s got me excited recently. While giving your time and sharing experiences is paramount, sometimes material gifts are fun as well and with all this talk about time what could be better than giving a timepiece to someone you love this year?

When the Jord Wooden Watch Company reached out to me to do a collaboration for their Holiday campaign I was thrilled (Eh hem, plus I LOVE their watches!) My watch is from their Dover series, the Olive & Acacia. Aside from the fact that it’s a lovely watch, for me, wearing it is a great reminder of the importance of time.

I hope you’re looking forward to the Holiday season this year as much as I am and if you want to go check it out Jord is offering some amazing discounts for the season. Follow this link you’ll get instant coupons for some great savings.


 ~Outfit Details~

Boots: Kohl’s

Sweater: Kohl’s

Leggings: similar here

Watch: Jord



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