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Thursday Things


It’s Thursday again you guys and I’m continuing this little series of sharing just random little things from my life. I’ve been really liking these. So here are today’s things

  1. I’m loving this most adorable ever gift from my big sister and her hubby. Funny story, when I opened it at Christmas everyone was asking if I knew what it was and, me thinking they were asking if I knew what it was supposed to look like, I said “Of course, it’s a camera lens.” Everyone thought that I thought it was a real lens rather than a thermos and got worried I’d be disappointed. These kind of moments are always hilarious.

2. Haircut/style question guys, what do you think about me going more blond? I’d never added any color to my hair ever until a few months ago when I got some blond highlights. What do you think, should I go heavier on the blond next time?

3. When I lived in Chile (and had opposite seasons) I got used to having fresh flowers growing in our backyard around Valentine’s Day every year. Now that I live back here it’s been a bit sad not to have them so my wonderful dad surprised me with this lovely bouquet to use in photos.

4. My berry/yogurt bowl obsession continues with no foreseeable end.

5.  A close second to that obsession is my coffee obsession. I didn’t think it was possible to keep loving it more……but I was wrong.

6. I’ve been looking for new recipe ideas recently because, to be honest, even as a food blogger I am so guilty of falling into food ruts when it comes to everyday eats so if you guys have any great recommendations for recipes or food ideas I’d love to hear!

7. I finally did some shopping for my upcoming travels and I’m really excited to show you guys what I bought. Although, this time I’m saving them for the trip.


8. The snow is still on hold it seems but I have a feeling it’s going to make an appearance here soon and bury us in piles of fluffy white. Either way the weather has been pretty chilly so I’ve been living in sweaters.

9. Oh, and I finally remembered to order a phone case for my phone because I seriously almost dropped it almost everyday at the gym last week and realized I was being so silly not to just get a case. I went with a marble one, you like?

10. I haven’t said anything here on the blog about it but a close family member had been very sick recently so I’d really appreciate your prayers.

I hope you’re having a good week so far. The weekend is a day closer now and the days are getting longer. Happy Thursday!

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