Travel Diary California: Beach Day + Balboa Park at Night

It’s been over a week since I got home from California but I only just finished sorting through all the photos. I’m finally sharing the last ones from our last few days we spent there.

The evening before we left we had the pleasure of meeting up with a cousin who recently moved to the area. She took us to see one of the last things on our list, which was Balboa Park. We had planned to do it on our first day when we went to the zoo but we’d run out of time so I was happy to fit it in. Of course, it was dark so I really didn’t get half the amount of photos I wanted to, but it was still amazing at night.

I guess I have a thing for classic styles of architecture because I fell in love with the whole place. It actually reminded me of some of the places I visited in Lisbon last year.

After we explored the park we headed to a restaurant to get a late dinner and, ironically we chose a place that my sister and I had already seen but we actually didn’t realize it was a restaurant. Clearly my observation skills on this trip were top notch, no? Haha, well I’m so glad my cousin told us about it because it was a really nice place to eat and the inside felt as if you’d walked onto a pirate ship.

The food was really good too. We tried the onion rings that were about as big as my face. I ordered a salad and they both ordered different pastas, all of which will, I’m sure, inspire future recipes for me. Later when we got back to the hotel my sis noticed fireworks out the window. I’m still curious what they were for, but they were really pretty.

The next day was all about the beach. We started at a beach from y parent’s childhood that they told us about, Mission beach. Mostly we went here to eat at this specific little taco stand called Ruriberto’s Taco Shop.

Guys, I’m not exaggerating, this was the best Mexican food I’ve ever had. So good!

Across from this place and on Mission Beach, is this really old amusement park called Belmont Park. It’s still running, but I’m not gonna lie. There’s no way I’d trust some of the rides in there. I like my life too much, haha.

Right next to Mission beach is Ocean Beach and this beach has this really long cement pier that I’ve been told is the longest of it’s kind in the world. It was a great place to look out on the water an see all kinds of things.

I must say though, this beach seems to attract all kinds of different people. Lots and lots of hippies. One guy actually asked us if we had any weed! Then there were these two guys walking by and I had to do a major double take when I noticed the ginormous snake wrapped around the one guy’s shoulders.

Yes, lots of interesting things to see. Oh, and don’t tell anyone, but later in the day this Brazilian guy was hitting on us like I’ve never seen. We were waiting outside the restroom in this restaurant that we’d gone into.

Later we met up with my cousin again and she took us to Sunset Cliffs when it was almost dusk. This was the last place we got to see before flying home, and what a perfect ending to the trip.

We had some fun taking photos together and then of the cliffs.

I know there are about a billion photos, but these are the last ones from the trip, promise.

I’m thinking there’s never a time when these beaches aren’t busy, and why would there be when they’re so gorgeous? But this place though, it’s one of the prettiest out of all the sites we went to.

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