Travel Diary California: Coronado Island

Happy weekend guys! I’m really excited to share these photos from our day on Coronado Island. After all the places we went during our trip my sister and I agreed that this day was our mutual favorite. The beach, the town, the weather, and just the entire day felt like it could have hardly been more perfect.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that I’m a bit of a coffee addict, so for me it’s always coffee first and then depending on my plans for the day and the hour I wake up, I sometimes like to hit the gym first thing before breakfast if I need to fit it in earlier. I find it really hard to workout on a full stomach without feeling sick. Oh, and yes, if you happen to be at a hotel and have a gym all to yourself what do you do? Take shameless gym selfies, yep. Guys, I never take gym selfies because my gym at home is always too busy so I couldn’t help myself but I blame the strong hotel coffee. After that it’s breakfast time.

Coronado is an Island right off of San Diego. When my parents were first married my dad was in the Navy and he was based in San Diego for awhile. That was before I was born, but he’s told us about how he used to drive the ship under the long bridge that connects the Island to the mainland there. That’s why when we were crossing the bridge there and seeing the real-life size of the Navy ships my sister and I couldn’t help feeling amazed to imagine what it was like for our dad to drive under it in one.

The first thing we did was head out to the beach to take photos. We actually didn’t pack swimming suits or anything because we knew the water would be a little too cold to swim, but now I wish we had because the weather really wasn’t cold.

Oh, and the sand was so beautiful. It literally glittered in the sunlight and there were so many lovely shells that we decided to collect and to take home to our nephew.

And we might have gotten a bit carried away with excitement about the beach and snapped too many pictures of each other being spontaneous. After our shenanigans we headed to the resort to check out all the sights.

The whole resort is immaculate and feels as if you’ve gone back in time a few decades. I love it. It also has its own shopping and dining so we spent most of the afternoon walking into the little shops and bakeries.

As you can probably imagine the price tags reflect on the fact that it’s a major tourist destination. Let’s just say I’m not the type to spend a bunch at these kind of stores just for the novelty, but it’s fun to look. So many cute things.

We weren’t quite ready for lunch yet, but I just had to take some photos of the beautiful food and this ice cream shop had the most genius displays for ice cream flavors ever. They piled delicious looking chunks of whatever things represented the flavor in the front so you could easily see what you were choosing. I probably noticed this more than most people would have because I’m a food photographer, but I’m definitely taking notes from them in the future.

We walked a little away from the resort to see the town and decided to get something light for lunch.

By the time we’d finished walking around the town we decided to head back to the beach to watch the sunset. Wow, it was indescribable really.


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