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Travel Diary California: La Jolla Cove & Seaport Village

So I finally had a chance to sort through some more of the photos from my travels to share.

My sister and I had such a great time, I probably already said that a bunch of times, but it’s true.

We make great travel companions for each other because when it comes to this type of thing we have a lot of similarities in our personalities so we always have fun together. Wow, we’ve done some crazy things, the two of us.

Of course, some of the similarities kind of end there because looks wise we are very different I think. Yeah, she wakes up and her hair just looks naturally like a runway model. Is it a bit like traveling with a Barbie doll? Yes, yes it is. And oh my goodness, she’s so photogenic and beautiful too, that girl. Haha, I love her.

This was our third day in San Diego and we decided to start the day by visiting Seaport Village during the day. We’d been there only in the evening and we wanted to see it all in the sunlight.

Unfortunately we didn’t see the bubble boy from our first like we’d hoped, but we did have fun wandering in and out of all the souvenir shops and they even had a store dedicated to only hot sauce, which we shopped at for our brothers. There was also a bakery that won the Food Network show Cupcake Wars. So cool.

After shopping we grabbed a snack. My sister tried a burger from this little place called San Diego Burger Co. and we sat in a picnic area people-watching for awhile.

Okay, for the second part of the day, we headed to The La Jolla Cove and called an Uber to get us there. Well, this is a bit of a funny story. The address that I’d entered was in La Jolla but I’d somehow entered the address of a home up on this huge hill so our poor Uber driver, who barely spoke English, took us way up to this neighborhood full of these magazine-worthy homes and we were so confused until I realized my mistake. The driver kindly took us to the right place afterwards and I tipped him for the trouble, but I still feel bad about it. Sis and I agreed it was hilarious and we were both glad to get to see an area we wouldn’t have otherwise.

When we finally arrived there and had a great time taking photos of the beach, the water, the cove, the sea lions, the rocks, and of course each other. Oh, and the weather out there was so perfect.

There are signs everywhere warning against getting too close to the sea lions but that didn’t seem to stop anyone. I could definitely imagine how they could be very dangerous when in the water or if you made them feel threatened, but as they were on the rocks, it’s hard to picture them being anything more than the cute and floppy creatures they seemed.

There were even some little ones that were calling to their mothers, awwww. Now I’m not gonna lie, they didn’t smell very wonderful, but watching them was worth ignoring the unpleasant stench.

After our day at the cove we got back to the hotel and walked towards a restaurant that I’ve heard of since I was little, but I’ve never eaten there. It’s called Claim Jumper and they serve classic country style meals.

I was trying to explain the name to my sister, as she was unfamiliar with the history of the California Gold Rush and didn’t know what a claim jumper was. The food was so good and we ate outside on the patio by the water in the most perfect evening weather imaginable.

I’d definitely recommend a visit to any of these places, but especially La Jolla. Actually, Seaport Village also, we went there multiple times because we enjoyed it so much.

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