Travel Diary Canada – Victoria, BC: City Sights + Chinatown

Time to share a little about my trip to Victoria!

Wanna know a random bit of trivia about Gringalicious? Since we’re all known by usernames here on Steemit you probably didn’t know that my name is actually Victoria. That’s right, so this trip could also be titled Victoria in Victoria, haha.

Everything so far has been amazing. Starting with the hotel. I’m staying at the Mariott Inner Harbor and the staff has been so kind. The room is super comfortable and accommodating. My goodness, they even give you q-tips, cotton balls, and fluffy white robes. Not that those are incredibly unusual items but my point is that they care about the details.

After getting checked into my hotel I decided to do a little purposeful wandering around the city to get a feel for things. By the time I’d gotten to the Bay Centre mall I was ready to grab some food. You know, it’s nearly dangerous how many options there are for Asian and Indian cuisine here because those are some of my favorites!

After lunch I headed towards Chinatown. If you ever come here you absolutely can’t miss the hidden little alley called Fantan Alley. It would be pretty hard to discover if you didn’t know it was there. With my inner Harry Potter nerd forever with me, I couldn’t help being reminded of Diagon alley while walking down it, but even if you aren’t a fan you’ll still probably find it magical.

Later I headed towards the inner harbor to see the water and the Empress hotel. It’s just such a lovely area!

Stay tuned for tomorrow because I’ve got something fishy to tell you about!

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