Travel Diary Canada – Victoria BC: Whale Tales + Fisherman’s Wharf

What’s up my friend? I’m still in Victoria and I wanted to share about another one of the days that I spent here.

So the day started out with a little bit of window shopping and exploring the city. Then I found a great place to grab something to eat. I was in the mood for sushi and I tried something I’ve never even heard of before, yam sushi. It was actually so good! It also had some avocado and cucumber too. Super yummy!

After that I headed to the bay area and took a ferry boat over to the fisherman’s wharf. It’s a small little port community of floating homes and tourist shops.

I found the homes so fascinating and I’m just so curious about what it would be like to live in one. Personally, I’d imagine the lack of privacy would drive me crazy, but I guess if I was a fisherman or a sailor it would be worth it. They all even had cute little boat names like “Water’s Edge” and “Moonshadow”.

It must be a very unique lifestyle.

So then there’s the really fun part. I went on a whale watching tour on a really nice boat. We saw so many creatures. Everything from the national bird of my country, the bald eagle, to whales and various species of pinipeds (such as seals, walrus, and sea lions)

I wish I could share more pictures of the creatures but, I’ll be honest, the wind was intense and the day got rainy at times so I did my best to keep my camera safe. Although, I did get some footage and I really hope to get a video of my whole trip together soon. Oh, but I did capture a photo of one of the humpback whales diving!

If you’re ever planning a visit, I’d definitely recommend a whale watching adventure. Oh, but bring planty of warm clothes. However, if that’s not your thing you should at least stop by Fisherman’s wharf.

Until next time……..


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