Travel Diary: London


Time for a travel post, my friends!

As most of you know I’ve been in Europe for the past week and the first part of my trip was in London. It was an absolutely amazing time and I already can’t wait to go back. When I first started to write this post I’d planned to do a little more description per picture but as pictures say 1000 words, and I think London is such a picturesque place that its photos say about 2000 words each, I’m going to keep the words to a minimum.

When some friends of mine asked me what I liked most about London I, on first reaction, had no answer. I mean, there were just so many things I loved about it. However, once I’d spent some time thinking about it I realized that one of my favorite parts about it as a place is how the old and the new come together into such a cohesive and beautiful location. There is such a deep history and so many stories to be told by the buildings and various structures throughout the city, but the amount of new construction is incredible. In fact, many of my favorite photos were a bit less remarkable due to a crane or scaffold standing out in the background. Our hotel was actually a great example of my point. Even though it was in an area that might be considered on the nicer side of town, it was a converted townhouse/apartment building. Our tour guide told us that there are even some restaurants in the city that were originally public bathrooms. Or as they call them “toilets”.

I don’t know, I just admire the fact that they value the history enough to preserve it as much as possible like that. I must say, so much of the architecture blew my mind. I’m not even going to admit how many photos I took, it’s crazy.

I had no shame in playing the part of textbook tourist so naturally I had to see everything, including platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross Station (which we get lost trying to get to on the tube, haha.) and then we went up in the London Eye (on Halloween I might add, which I thought was interesting.) We also took a boat ride on the river and rode the classic tour buses around the city.

Okay, and I’m not gonna lie about the food. As a blogger you’d think I’d be prioritizing the best food stops wouldn’t you? Well, after all the sightseeing and exploring we ended up being out very late and resorted to the only thing still open, Starbuck’s cafe options, and they were even the marked down products from the day, go ahead and judge. Now coffee, now that definitely topped the priority list. I think we tried probably every coffee shop near our hotel.

And tell me, am I the only one who gets extremely excited to get new passport stamps? Now I can check off England and Portugal from my list and I get to add Europe as a new continent! Speaking of Portugal, I’ll be posting my pictures of Lisbon next so those of you who share my wanderlust for travel can look forward to that post.



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