Travel Diary: LX Factory in Lisbon

“Travel is not really about leaving our home, but rather leaving our habits.” -Pico Iyer

I was so inspired by one of the venues I visited while in Lisbon. It’s a place called the LX Factory and you can easily get lost trying to find it, as I found out the hard way. Just one example of the art there is this photo below of a multimedia display of a fly on the wall here. It was done by an artist named Bordalo II. This guy turns garbage into these gorgeous art pieces all across Lisbon where he’s from and other cities too. His sculptures (hash-tagged as #trashart) are his way of spreading awareness of pollution in an artistic way. He’s on Instagram if you wanna check his page out.

There are lots of cute little shops and cafes here. In addition to that on Sundays the street of the LX Factory transforms into a fun and vibrant outdoor market with vendors selling everything from handmade jewelry to freshly pickled veggies. I was able to find some great souvenirs to take to my family and my brand new baby niece at home.

I bought some things in a little baby shop…….oh and I found coffee too of course!

So what I loved so much about this place was how it was like this hidden gem within the city of Lisbon dedicated to celebrating creatives in every field. A great example of this was one of the art studio buildings where I was attending an art and photography workshop. The building itself is clearly ages old but rather than tearing it down and rebuilding a more modern one, they’ve just added artistic touches to the place in every corner to make it fun and inviting. I got sort of lost looking for the bathroom, but while I was up there I had a great time peeking into all the windows of the most interesting looking studios I’ve ever seen.

Omg, even the bathroom, that is very hard to find by the way, is decked out with a unique wooden mural, a light fixture made out of what appeared to be tuna cans, and my favorite thing was inside the stalls. When you’re living the artistic life you don’t use regular bag hangers in your bathroom, you use the old heels from a pair of high heeled shoes!

There are also some great little restaurants nestled in there too. I ate at a place called the Burger Factory one night and then there was also another one I tried with some friends. I might even took pictures of everyone’s food because -> bloggerlife.? ??

I would definitely recommend paying a visit here if you ever find yourself in Lisbon!


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