Travel Diary NYC: Carriages, Disney, Broadway, & M&Ms

I’m so excited to tell you about yet another day of my New York trip. Sorry for how belated this by now but I still think some of this stuff is fun to share.

We squeezed in a lot on this day of our trip, starting with a food festival held in the city streets. The 9th Avenue International Food Festival to be exact. I had a great time walking around and taking it all in. Of course, it was by far the most crowded food festival I’ve ever been to, but that’s New York for ya. There were so many unique options. Everything from gyros to fried oreos. I got this incredibly delicious acai bowl topped with bananas, kiwi, and pineapple. Super delish! My mom also tried a “mozzarepa” and she said it was super yummy too.

Oh, and NY may be a really big city but it’s a small world because we ran into some friends while we were walking around. How ironic, right?

As soon as we were done there, we headed to Broadway because we’d bought tickets to see Aladdin. I was really excited since this was the first time I’d ever been to a true Broadway production. I can’t compare it to anything as it’s the only one I’ve ever seen, but I will say it was incredible and so hilarious. I’d definitely recommend it. I would have taken lots of photos but unfortunately that was strictly prohibited.

Then we made our way towards Central Park but found some distractions along the way. First it was the M&M store. Anything and everything M&M can be found there I believe.

Then my brother got a chance to check out some of the newest tech at the Microsoft building and even got invited to tour the building later. I think he’s going to share that with you soon.

We saw some other major icons too, (places I only recognize because I’m a major movie fan), like Rockefeller Center, some cathedrals, and The Plaza Hotel.

I know this was my first time here, but I genuinely felt like I’ve been here before simply because I’ve seen these place on the big screen so many times.

We finally made it to the park and decided to take a carriage ride around since it had been a pretty long day already and we wanted to see as much as possible.

It was such a great ride and we enjoyed the driver’s tour as he drove us along. After that it was time for some food so we went to find something yummy. We actually ate at a very unexpected place in Time Square called Dos Caminos, which I really enjoyed.





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