Travel Diary NYC: Italy in New York?

I’m so glad to be sharing another piece of my trip to New York!

So in this post I’m sharing some photos of one of our last days there. I started off the day by greeting the geese families near our hotel that I’d been seeing all week. Later my brother and I went out for some really great food before heading into the city.

The first thing we wanted to do is see the famous spots around Wallstreet so we went there first. Omg, the golden bull was on our list but unfortunately it was a no go. As you can see in the following picture, it was literally invisible in a mob of photo crazy tourists doing exactly what we were there to do, haha.

So that didn’t really go as planned but we did see the financial district and some of the landmarks there. So cool to be in a place with a lot of history.

We also passed the 9/11 memorial again on our way to The Oculus and Brookfield Place. All of which are incredible to see.

The next day Mom and I split up from the boys and went to a little place called Eataly that is basically a chunk of all the best culinary tastes Italy has to offer, right in New York. We really enjoyed walking around and then grabbing some delicious foods to eat.

I’ve been really enjoying sharing these posts with you and I think I’m almost through all the photos.

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