Travel Diary NYC: Last Day in the Big City

Time for the final photo post from my New York trip and that’s kind of sad. Hey, but the good news is that the video is coming soon!

The last day of our trip was really only a half day because we had to fly out in the evening. It was still a great day though and definitely worth sharing. We returned to Brookfield Place one more time before going home and probably not for what you’d think.

You see, there were so many amazing stores there, but what we went back for were cupcakes! Sprinkle’s Cupcakes to be exact. Mom wanted to take some of them back to the gang at home so we ordered a whole box.

We had wanted to go up to the top of the freedom tower but that didn’t work out because we were too short on time, but we did venture to a new area for food and it turned out to be just what we all liked. Of course, that’s because there were options.

I was craving sushi and the boys wanted their burgers so I went to Wasabi and they went to The Shake Shack. Both of which were inside the Fulton Center and, that place is yet another item on my list of incredible structures I saw whilst in New York.

And, well, that was about it for the day. After that the day was all about gathering luggage and catching flights so I didn’t take many more photos. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all the pieces of these recent trips. Let me know if you want me to keep doing travel posts or if you’re craving some yummy food posts for a little while. I like to do it all!

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