Travel Diary NYC: Visiting The Met

Hey again! How was your weekend? I’ve been finishing up my photos from NYC to share.

On the Saturday of our trip we went to The Met (aka: The Metropolitan Museum of Art ). Wow, it was incredible and I could say so many things about it, but mostly it was just beyond words. Before going there we stopped to get some food at Grand Central Station again and I got this really good Greek salad.

You could spend so much time at this museum. I honestly only spent a fraction of my time in there reading the information plaques in front of each exhibit. If I’d tried to read them all I imagine it could take me a whole week or something. In fact, we were late getting out for the day so it closed before we were even able to see the upper floor.

I felt like we saw some of the biggest highlights though. The Egyptian artifacts were so interesting and fun to look at. As were the European displays. I couldn’t even begin to show you a picture of everything so this is just a small glimpse.

It’s so incredible to me to see these statues and treasures that have survived the test of time. Many of them have sweet and interesting stories to tell, however many others have a bit of a darker story. For example, one of the sculptures I read about was sculpted to portray the torturous death of being flayed alive and another was to tell the story of a man forced to choose between starvation and cannibalism. Historic or not, that’s a bit darker than I’d like.

Also, I really enjoyed the armory and swords. I can’t get over how amazing it is to see these in real life.

I guess I’ll have to visit there quite a few more times to explore everything. Oh well, I guess I’ll just HAVE to come back to New York to do that. I think I can make the sacrifice in the future. haha 😉

For dinner we ended up eating at The Cheesecake Factory yet again because, for one, it’s a favorite, and two, it’s literally across from our hotel. It was delicious! Tomorrow I’ll share most of the rest of my trip pics.

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