Travel Diary: San Diego – Part 1

Finally had a chance to share some of the trip I’m on with my sister in San Diego and I’m so excited to share them with you.




Growing up in big family, it’s nice to have a smaller group to travel with. It just simplifies things not to have so many people to keep up with.




While I have a ton pictures already from the last few days I’m just sharing the ones from the first day here because that in itself was hard enough to narrow down into a single post.


Traveling in a small group isn’t the only thing I’ve been really appreciating on this trip, another thing that is so nice, after becoming used to traveling overseas where the connecting flights can take up to 2 days to get you to your destination, is only having a few hours of flights. Also, airport food is just always overpriced and usually not very good, anyone else agree? We grabbed some quick lunch in between flights in Pheonix, then boarded the second flight to San Diego. Not the greatest to be honest, but at least it was something fresh.




After landing we Uber-ed it to get the hotel and isn’t that such a great concept you guys? After settling in there we walked along the water’s edge to get to a place called Seaport Village.




It’s an outdoor shopping and Dining district that’s got so many fun touristy shops to look at. I was so sorry when we were told that this area is about to be closed down at the end of this year. I can hardly believe it because it was so beautiful and fun.



We also passed by the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier San Diego Museum. That’s something we’re planning to see with my father on a future trip because he was in the Navy for years and I want to get to see it with him.




The surrounding area is filled with so much liveliness too. I just love all the street performers and local culture you find here. This one young guy was so talented at his craft. Bubbles, yes! He told us that his original act was juggling but about 3 years ago he transitioned into doing the bubbles and now you can clearly see he’s made an art of it. He even created a huge bubble around some smaller bubbles! Bubble-ception! (Oh, hey if you want to see a great post with more of the bubbles check out my sister @fullofhope ‘s post HERE)




The hotel has been amazing and so nice (definitely recommend the Springhill Suites San Diego Bayfront/Downtown.) The breakfast selection, yum, so many foods to choose from, I’ll share some pictures of that in future posts because believe it or not I don’t always take pictures of food and I accidentally forgot to get some of our first morning’s breakfast. The gym is fully equipped for everything you could want and I’ve even had it to myself a few days and that was so nice.

The first evening we went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner and, wow, I forgot how delicious their food is!





So look forward to the next post from this trip. I can’t wait to share!

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