Travel Diary San Diego: Zoo & Horton Plaza

Finally back home and able to sort through my photos and tell you guys more about our trip. It was amazing and just like when I went to London, I already can’y wait to return. There are are just so many things to see and do there I could have spent many more days happily.

In the first post I shared of the trip I only share the first day, and as we were traveling for much of it, it was really only a half day. Day two happened to be Valentine’s Day. We hit the zoo and Horton plaza, both on this day, and I honestly have so many pictures it’s taken me a while to narrow it down to these.

The Day started off of course, with something delicious. Everyday of the trip we ate breakfast at the hotel becuase it was one of the included amenities in out stay. The selections were many, but I’m such a creature of habit I went with my favorite almost everyday, fruit and yogurt. Unfortunately they didn’t have berries everyday but I really enjoyed the melons and other refreshing options.

Before we headed out for the day I was gathering my things and realized that I’d made a humorous mistake in packing and grabbed the wrong thing. You see, I’d meant to get my camera strap but I accidentally had packed an extra pair of red shoelaces instead. Hey, I think my Macgyver moment worked out just fine. It might just become my new thing.]

As I’m sure most would agree with me, the highlight of the zoo is typically seeing the large animals in real life. Yes, the small exotic creatures are a lot of fun, but seeing animals like lions tigers and bears up close is so excting. We actually had to return to a few of the animals spot’s later in our day because they weren’t in sight the first time. This happened with the lions, tiger, cheetah, and jaguar. Basically all the big cats, which are my favorites, so we had to make the effort to see then again.

Also, I think there’s definitely a lot to be said about what certain zoos and foundations do to help animals and endangered species, so I’m not trying to be controversial here, but I also like to be honest and open about any of my opinions. That’s why I must admit that my sister and I noticed a few of the animals that seemed very pitiable. The polar bears in particular looked very unhappy. I just can’t see how keeping an animal that’s designed to live in the arctic in a warm climate like this can be a good thing.

That said, I’m sure the zoo has done a lot to provide for all the animals there, and many of them seemed perfectly content with their pet humans.

Oh and the pandas were so fluffy!

I also might have to adopt a baby baboon, so cute!!!

Horton plaza, so my opinion here was that a really fun spot to shop and eat…….20 years ago. Yeah, the architecture is very creative and playful, that part I really enjoyed. There were quite a few stores there, but the place was basically a ghost town while we were there.

I mean, I’m no fan of crowds, but this was pretty drastic. We were almost lonely eating dinner there. However, I was very happy with the food we got that night. It was a Japanese place and the menu was very simple, but in a good, less-is-more, kind of way.

Unfortunately it was a little more on the fast food side of dining out so the photos I got are not my favorites ever, but the taste of the food was much better than it looks and they made it fresh on the grill from scratch ingredients while you watched. That to me makes all the difference, to be able to watch and also see that’s it’s made fresh.

Maybe the fact that it was Valentine’s day, a weekday, and it had been raining all had something to do with it being so empty. Well, I guess I’ll just have to go back another time to find out. Haha, I think I can make the sacrifice for the sake of satisfying your curiosity.

So that was just the recap of our second day. I still have so many beach photos and other pictures to share.

I hope you had a great weekend. Oh, and happy President’s Day to my friends in the states.



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