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Villa La Angostura: A Few Days in Argentina

Hey guys, I had such good intentions to post something a few days ago right after I got home from traveling. I wanted to tell you about my short little trip to Argentina and share some photos. Of course, life happens though, and I got sick with some very strange, but pretty strong virus that had me bedridden for a whole day. Um, you can ask anyone who knows me and they’d tell you how much I hate spending the day in bed or sitting still very long. So yeah, it was driving me crazy but I honestly didn’t have the energy to do much of anything.

Hey, better late than never though, right? Just a little over a week ago I got home from Santiago, which I shared a little bit about in my last post, and then a few days after that me and some of my family needed to take a trip over to Argentina for a few days. You’re probably a little curious as to why so I’ll try to keep it simple and explain. You see, we’ve been living here in Southern different parts of Southern Chile for over 3 years now and during that time we’ve been working on the process of getting residency. As it turns out, a large family like ours presents a challenge and up until now we haven’t had success in clearing up all the different paperwork required. That being said, our visas were about to expire and that means roadtrip time.

I could do without a long roadtrip, as I’ve probably mentioned too many times, but we tried to make it fun and planned a night in a little cabin resort just across the border in Argentina. I have to say, the little mountain town of Villa La Angostura is insanely beautiful and we all enjoyed a chance to check it out. In the short time we were there we did a little swimming, tested out some local food, and did a good amount of window shopping just for fun.

The drive between the two countries is a sort of no-mans land and a few years ago a nearby volcano erupted in 2011 and did some pretty heavy damage to both sides. You can get more information about that here – 2011 Puyehue-Cordón Caulle eruption. Even though it’s been years since that happened there are still a lot of signs left along the way of the destruction. I have to say though, I was very surprised at the amount of growth since the last time we made the drive about 3 years ago. Nature is amazing.

The two pictures above are of the Argentinian checkpoint. I didn’t take very many while we were going through but there is a pretty drastic difference between the two countries and it’s apparent just in seeing both checkpoints and dealing working with the people but that’s always something I find interesting when visiting a new place.
Oh, and I turned 21 while we were in Argentina, that’s a first time thing on many levels. (Ugh, I feel so old saying that)  But anyway, if you’re ever planning a visit to Argentina I’d definitely recommend a visit to this area. It actually has a lot of similarities to where my family and I lived in Northern Idaho for a few years so I guess you could say it had a touch of nostalgia to me. Okay, I’m going to be posting some more recipes soon because I know it’s been a while. I hope you’re having a great weekend!


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