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Wasabi and Sweet Pea Hummus (Vegan+GF)

Some of my favorite memories revolve around food and I’ll bet the same is true for you. Food is a common ground for all of God’s living things. I mean, we may all have our own style of doing it, but everyone has to eat.

My mom used to call me her little gourmet when I was younger because she could get me to eat all kinds of foods that most other kids would have never eaten in a million years. One of which was sushi.

I love, love, LOVE sushi and did I mention that I kind of like sushi! I wish I had a plate of it right now accompanied by plenty of soy and wasabi. Oh, and pickled ginger. Gotta have that with it. Yeah, I can’t think of any kid I know that would eat sushi. They can’t get past the seaweed situation.

I haven’t had sushi in like a year and the last time I did have it, it was not real sushi. We got some strange knock-off in Santiago that looked like sushi, smelled more or less like sushi, and promised to taste like lovely sushi. But alas, thy sushi was-ist yuck.

Oh, all of this sushi talk and I’m not even sharing any today. Although, it is definitely on my to-do list because clearly I am about to go into full on withdrawals. Sorry, there’s no sushi going on today (major sad face) but what is going on is some wasabi!

I think I said I’d do it last week and technically I did. I just didn’t get it posted in time with it being Easter and everything but I’m sure you guys didn’t mind, right? The important thing is that the wasabi is here now.

The best part about this recipe is that it is easy to the extreme. Throw it all in together and blend it up. Hummus is the best.

Wasabi and Sweet Pea Hummus (Vegan+GF)

Need a quick snack to fix that salty/spicy craving? This dip is just what the doctor ordered!

Prep Time 10 minutes
Servings 2 1/2 cups



  1. Combine all ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth, pausing a few times between blending to scrape sides.

Recipe Notes

Replace with tamari or coconut aminos for gluten free.


    • Tori

      Surprisingly, I couldn’t seem to make it spicy enough until I had added extra wasabi but I totally get not being a fan of spicy foods. Thans so much, Rachel!

  • Medha @ Whisk & Shout

    I was a pretty adventurous eater, because my father would take me out to eat on Sunday afternoons. At home, we mostly ate Indian food, so I didn’t branch out much. I used to think I hated the foods that I hadn’t tried with my dad )ex: anything Thai), but boy was I wrong! I basically love all cuisines now 🙂
    I also cannot believe you haven’t had sushi in a year! That’s crazy, go get on that, girl! Sushi is where. it’s. at. These flavors look delish, great recipe 🙂

  • Elena

    Wasabi is my long lost lover. Since wasabi is to luxury and time consuming, i gave it up for a long time. But your hummus recipe bring me back to love. It looks amazing and very easy to make. Thank you for this recipe.

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