About Me

I’m just a twenty-something girl that has a love for sharing my favorite things in life; healthy living, food, traviling, and inspiring you to live your best life! This little blog is where I share about it all and tie it all together in my passion for photography.

Hey There!

I’m so glad you’ve stumbled upon my little corner of the internet. Here on this blog you’ll find posts about plant-based food, traveling, photography, health, and everything in between (but mostly food 😋 )

About the Recipes

Authenticity is something I always strive for in my posts and recipes and that’s why you may notice some new things around here. I’ve recently switched to a plant-based/vegan way of eating (more on that to come) so the recipes you’ll find here on the blog reflect that. You’ll find both healthy and not-so-healthy 😉 recipes and I add more every week. You can subscribe -> over on the right to be notified when I post a new one. 

Blog History

If you’re a long-time follower then you may be aware already that this is the new home of my old website Gringalicious.com. 

I began blogging at age 17 while living in Chile, South America with my family. When we first moved there it was a little difficult for us to adjust to a new culture, a big change being the cuisine. 

As a kid I’d always loved being in the kitchen and helping out but this was really when my love of cooking began. I fell in love with making food for my friends and family and watching their reactions as they tasted each new thing. 

That’s when I decided I could really use an outlet for all my creative energy and a blog seemed like the perfect fit. Thus was born my original website and the rest is history. 

So why the change in address? Well, in the fairly recent past my family and I moved back to the States where I currently live. I never imagined when I started Gringalicious that it would grow so much but with all of the changes in my real life I knew it was time to make some changes to the site and the name no longer seemed to match my content. 

Many of my old posts talk about my time in Chile as those posts were written while I still lived there. Hopefully this clears up any confusion about that.