Caramelized Peach Upside Down Skillet Cake

This is a first for me. I’ve been thinking about it and I realized that up until this cake, I can’t say that I’ve ever made an upside down cake before. I know, how in the world is that even possible!!!

Before I start listing all the reasons that you need to make this, have I told you guys how terrible I am at making decisions? Okay, yeah, I know I have.

I should probably warn you that I might be about to rant about this just a little bit. For reals though, I’m horrible at decisions, especially where pictures are concerned. You’d think after taking, editing, and sharing about 973 bajillion photos of food that I’d be getting quicker at the whole process, but I’m totally not. I feel like the opposite is happening. I’ve been getting so annoyed at myself for spending way too much time obsessing over pictures.

Granted a huge part of the challenge has been the Winter and only having a tiny, few hour, window of usable natural light during the day, but still! I’m just saying, if I’ve ever given the impression that I want you all to think my real life is perfect, well I don’t. My backstage is every bit as messy (actually, it’s probably way more because chocolate) as everybody else’s.  <—Truth.

I just want to be straight with you guys because that’s what friends are for, right? See, so hypothetically speaking, I’m counting on you to give me a good high-five to the face next time I fall into a panic attack over crumbs or something. Um, not that I’d know anything about that ’cause that’s like never ever happened to me, uh huh…..

All-righty, but we’ve got some cake to discuss. I should be sure to give my mom an honorable shout-out here because this was an idea I had that she helped turn into something 1ox better. I was throwing around the idea of something involving peaches and cream and cake. It was her idea to do it upside-down style in my poor, way too neglected, cast iron skillets. I really need to put those in a more accessible spot in the kitchen because I’m constantly forgetting to use them. (You think I can tap my heels together or wiggle my nose or something to get a more spacious and funtional kitchen? Yeah, didn’t think so.)

Her suggestion totally saved the day and turned this one into something that I’m super excited about sharing. Upside down cake people, be prepared for more of it ’cause I’ve fallen in love over here. Obviously the best part ever is when you get to flip it out of the pan with all the steaming, bubbling, syrupy goodness and reveal the gorgeous top/bottom of fruit! I can’t wait to try every flavor fruit I can think of, except possibly tomato because that would be weird and gross, but I think apple is definitely happing later this year!

So basically, you really have to make this. Also, even though it kind of feels like cheating a little bit, I used a cake recipe that is already one of my favorites. I thought it went really well with the fruity topping and helped balance this for the perfect sweet summertime treat.




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