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PB&J Granola Parfaits (Vegan+GF)

Tell me if you can relate to this. I love to cook for people and I love to make huge, elaborate meals for big groups and I’ll spend hours in the kitchen. When I’m cooking for just me though, I’m not even willing to get a bowl out of the cabinet to put food in sometimes. I’ll literally just eat random stuff out of a box or grab something that requires zero prep.

My roomies make fun of me and say I eat like a savage sometimes and they’re not wrong. Haha, I think years of food blogging has ruined my civilized kitchen habits. But again, the moment I have someone to cook for I get so excited to put in all the effort. It literally makes no sense.

So for any of you OG followers that have been around for a good minute (you’re my favorite btw ;p ), you’ll know I was 17 and still living with my family when I started this blog. Obviously things have changed so much since then. I definitely miss having so many people around to eat all my extras and new creations. I mean, I still have plenty of friends and family willing to help when I offer, but it’s a little different than when they live with you.

Anyway, I used to make parfaits for my brothers all the time. They loved them and it was a really good sneaky way to help use up all the scraps from whatever I was concocting at the moment. I personally love parfaits also, but, lol, rarely take the time to make them for myself. I recently shared a recipe for peanut butter granola though and made way too much in the testing process. Hence the need to make something creative with it.

Enter these super simple “PB+J parfaits”! The peanut butter granola with the fresh berries and simple yogurt layer make these the perfect summer treat. Now if you’re wanting a truly peanut butter jelly time snack, definitely add in some spoons of creamy peanut butter also. I thought of that after the fact and wished I’d done it for the photos because it’s the ultimate finishing touch.

Don’t forget to tell me in the comments if you can relate to being an absolute sloth when cooking for yourself while you love cooking for other people. 😉

PB&J Granola Parfaits (Vegan+GF)

Parfaits make such a quick and easy breakfast or snack and these take only about 5 minutes.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Servings 4 servings


Berry Yogurt:

  • 1 cup fresh mixed berries
  • 2-4 tablespoons maple syrup (or sweetener of choice)
  • 2 cups plain unsweetened coconut yogurt you can use any plant-based yogurt here


  • 1 1/2 cups peanut butter granola Recipe in notes
  • 1 1/2 cups fresh mixed berries


Berry Yogurt:

  1. In a blander or food processor, puree the berries and maple syrup. Pour mixture into a bowl and stir in the coconut yogurt.


  1. Layer the yogurt, granola, and berries in a jar or glass and serve.


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