Double Chocolate Chunk Zucchini Bread

I just came out of my internet procrastination daze and had one of those oh-crud-I’m supposed-to-be-doing-something moments.

Yep, those are the best aren’t they? So, I know it’s only Monday, I hope you all had a killer weekend by the way, but I thought I’d start off the week with a little bit of chocolate. Okay fine, a lot of it. Mondays just need loads of chocolate sometimes, you feel me? Hey, there are vegetables in this bread too, so I think that makes it completely acceptable as breakfast. True story.

Although, the honest to goodness truth is that this is an ultra moist and luscious cake disguised behind it’s green veggie and loaf shaped facade. You know what though, honesty when chocolate is involved is overrated. Let’s stick with calling it “bread”. It’s a plan.

So, I’m realizing that my fake Fall is actually more like it’s own season. Have you ever tried to imagine a unique color past the ones our eyes can see? I think it’s impossible and it makes my head hurt trying, but it’s a weird thought isn’t it? Yeah, well that’s what my current seasonal situation feels like. I’m living in a 5th season that is unique to the 4 we all know of. The only thing is I can’t decide whether it’s ‘sprall’, ‘sprautumn’, or ‘fring’. I think ‘sprall’ is good. ‘Sprautumn’ sounds like an unmentionable body part and I can’t hardly say ‘fring’ with a straight face. So sprall it is, and in that case, I’m liking this particular ‘sprall’ the most so far.

The spring half has been getting me excited. My awesome brother-in-law just scrubbed down and seasoned (properly, not my halfway style of doing it that didn’t work) this giant wok thingy we have that has been trying to rust itself to death over the past month. He made it look brand new again somehow so I can’t wait to try it on the grill. Oh yeah, we did our official first grill-out of the season the other day and it was awesome even if it was a bit chilly out still. The whole warming up aspect of my sprall is pretty nice, I must admit.

Then for the autumn side of things, I broke out my pumpkin pie spice and now there’s no going back until the years over. I am in full holiday baking gear and I’ve already started planning and getting ideas of things for December. I also can’t wait to have a scary movie fest with those of my sibs that enjoy them with me. As of this year, I’m pretty sure I’m the biggest fan but Lela and Liv both enjoy them too and Chase and Brock both try to make it through the suspense without bailing (This usually doesn’t work though). Jenya and Sophie pretty much avoid them at all costs.

Also, I think I have a caramel problem. I just seem to want to put it in, on, and swirled with everything. Prepare for some serious caramel coming your way from this direction. But there’s no caramel in this bread (hey, that’s a dangerous idea though), just plenty of chocolate goodness. Oh, and don’t let the veggie detail freak you out ’cause I promise you won’t even remember it’s in there. Okay, you’ll remember but you won’t care.

Chocolate makes Monday happy.


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